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Bonjour World!!

This is my blog. It is awesome. You should read it. Why may you ask? Because I am awesome, too.

I had to create this blog for one reason, and one reason only. It was for a class. My reading strategies class, yes I am somewhat incompetent when it comes to English. I am also taking a writing strategies class, so there is more proof on how incompetent I am. I am doing extremely well however, and I enjoy the people I have class with. Luckily, next semester I can focus more on my degree rather than having to take the baby steps towards it. However, it has been a learning experience. I am glad I was able to strengthen my weaknesses, and now I am a better writer, and I am able analyze what I am reading. I do not just read something and say “Okay, that was interesting,” I  go into depth when I respond to something.

Advice: take each assignment seriously and give 100%. You will learn more! Do not just rush through something to get it over with. Trust me okay =).

Anyways…The assignment was to read a personal book, write a review about the book, a bibliography on the author, and a research paper.

So enjoy!

Melanie Murphy


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